Windshield repair

Looking in Cleveland windshield repair near or car window repair? Our experts at Autoglassautoshyballc offer a full range of auto glass repair services. From chip repair to windshield replacement. Sign up with us online and choose a time that is convenient for you. The professionals at autoglassautoshyballc will help you solve 

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Advantages of car windshield repair в autoglassautoshyballc


— There are real professionals working here who always provide a quality and fast service. An individual and flexible approach is applied to clients. 

— It is possible to sign up online. 

— The company works only with quality materials and manufacturers. Autoglassautoshyballc always have a stock of products from world famous manufacturers: Pilkington (England), Sekurit Saint-Gobain (France), Xinyi Group (Glass) Co (XYG) and others.

 — The company uses modern technologies in its work. For example, tools of famous brands, including Milwaukee, DeWalt. 

— Autoglassautoshyballc performs replacements at the location of the car.

— Autoglassautoshyballc technicians have served 526 customers, replaced 1,230, repaired 950 windshields, and worked a total of 4,980 hours. 


Procedure car windshield repair


The windshield is one of the most important parts of your car. Depending on the damage, it may need to be replaced or repaired. In any case, the glass must be replaced if the damage would endanger the health of the driver and passengers. For example, if the damaged area of the glass is one-third or more of the total area. In such a case, the repair will cost more than replacement. In all other situations, auto glass repair is worthwhile. 

Glass repair by our professionals takes place in several stages. First, it is necessary to check if the broken glass is clean. After that, the specialists install a vacuum over the damaged area. After the air is completely removed, the chipped glass is filled with a polymer. The polymer cures. It takes about 3 minutes to cure. After curing, our specialists clean the windshield of excess polymer and polish the repaired area until it is completely smooth. The entire process can take up to 30 minutes.


Recommendations after car windshield repair.


Our experts do not recommend: 

— Use the car for at least one day in summer and one and a half days in winter.

— It is necessary to completely eliminate the risk of getting caught in the rain. In summer, it is necessary to protect the car from sunlight.

— It would be ideal to provide ventilation and a temperature of +23.


Price of car windshield repair в Brookpark


You can calculate the cost of the service in this window: