Camera calibration for the Lane Departure Warning System

Modern cars are equipped with a number of systems that monitor the road and can save the driver in the event of unforeseen road accidents. Here are some of them.


Lane Keeping Assist (LKA). Brings the vehicle back into designated lines, in the event that the driver has not used a turn signal to indicate a lane change.


Lane Departure Warning (LDW). Notifies the driver of a sound and/or vibration if the vehicle is shifting lanes without a signal.


Forward Collision Avoidance (FCA). Detects the distance between the driver's vehicle and the vehicle in front and notifies the driver by visual and/or audio signal if they are following too close.


Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS). Like the FCA, this system applies the brakes if the driver does not do so after receiving the warning of being too close to the vehicle in front of them.


Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). Automatically adjusts speed to keep a safe distance between the driver's vehicle and the one ahead.


For all these systems to work properly, they need to be calibrated. There are different types of calibration.


Static calibration. Static calibration is a complex process and should be performed in a workshop, in a controlled environment. Auto Glass Autoshyba specialists will calibrate the camera, among other things, using sophisticated electronics, including a laser, to obtain absolute accuracy in accordance with the established standards of the vehicle manufacturer. Typically, static calibration requires a mobile-based stand, a high-precision, height-adjustable universal boom with two movable target holders, and a laser-targeting device to center the system relative to the vehicle body. Calibration targets are also required, which are mounted with magnetic fasteners. 


Dynamic calibration. Dynamic calibration is performed using a portable electronic device that connects directly to the vehicle's OBD II port. The calibration is performed according to the manufacturer's instructions, for example, when driving at a certain constant speed, at a certain distance, and under favorable weather conditions.


Auto Glass Autoshyba specialists offer both types of calibration.