Rear window replacement

If you are looking for a rear window replacement in Cleveland, you should contact Autoglassautoshyballc. Not only will they do a quality job, but they'll also give you tips on how to take care of your car so it lasts longer.

Contact Autoglassautoshyballc on Brookpark Road for a back window replacement. You can contact us here with this and any other questions, at your convenience.


Advantages of REAR WINDOW REPLACEMENT at autoglassautoshyballc


The specialists at Autoglassautoshyballc offer a full range of automotive services. 

They can offer you quality replacement of windshields, rear and side windows. The company autoglassautoshyballc also has large stocks of world famous manufacturers: Pilkington (England), Sekurit Saint-Gobain (France), Xinyi Group (Glass) Co (XYG) and others.

Here work only professionals who always provide fast and high quality service. You have the opportunity to register online for auto glass repair. The company takes an individual and flexible approach to each customer. 

In addition, there is always trying to use modern technology. For example, tools of famous brands, including Milwaukee, DeWalt

Autoglassautoshyballc provides replacement at the location of the car.

This service already made 526 customers happy, replacing 1230

auto glass, repair 950 windshields, and worked 4980 hours. 




The process of replacing a car's rear window consists of several steps. In Autoglassautoshyballc specialists the car body and interior are cover with a protective film to prevent damage. The damaged glass is removed, and its remains are removed from the opening and the interior of the car.

Then the contours are primed, washed, and dried. The new glass is sealed and installed in the body opening. The glass is installed by applying adhesive around the entire perimeter. The rear window is then reinforced and secured (with tape, which is then removed). 

A sealant is applied to the new glass, and it is installed in the body opening. If necessary, damaged fasteners are replaced to increase reliability. After the glue has cured (about one hour), the car can be used.


Recommendations after REAR WINDOW REPLACEMENT:


Experts Autoglassautoshyballc recommend avoiding certain activities with the car for the first three days. It is not recommended to wash the car body under high pressure or to park the car at an angle (e.g., with two wheels on the curb). It is also undesirable to use a jack at first.

You can calculate the cost of rear window replacement in Brookpark in this window: