Side window replacement

If you're looking for a car side window replacement in Cleveland, you should contact Autoglassautoshyballc. Our experts can help you with your replacement and advise you on what to do to make your glass last longer. 

Contact Autoglassautoshyballc on Brookpark Road for side window replacement. You can contact us here with this and any other questions, at your convenience.


Advantages of  car side window replacement in autoglassautoshyballc


— There are real professionals working here who always provide a quality and fast service. An individual and flexible approach is applied to clients. 

— It is possible to sign up online 

— The company works only with quality materials and manufacturers. Autoglassautoshyballc always have a stock of products from world famous manufacturers: Pilkington (England), Sekurit Saint-Gobain (France), Xinyi Group (Glass) Co (XYG) and others.

 — The company uses modern technologies in its work. For example, tools of famous brands, including Milwaukee, DeWalt. 

— Autoglassautoshyballc performs replacements at the location of the car.

— Autoglassautoshyballc technicians have served 526 customers, replaced 1,230, repaired 950 windshields, and worked a total of 4,980 hours. 


Procedure car side window replacement


The company Autoglassautoshyballc has a clear algorithm for the replacement of the side window in the car. 

First of all, our specialists select the optimal side window that meets all the technical requirements of the car. Then they disassemble the door panel to gain access to the window lift mechanism. The old glass or its remnants are then carefully removed in a safe manner. The next step is to clean the inside of the door cavity from glass residue and other contaminants and perform a technical inspection of the window regulator. The new glass is installed, the operation of the lifting and lowering mechanism is checked, and the door panel is reassembled. After the preparation is completed, the specialists install the new glass and check the operation of the lift and lower mechanism. The customer can then pick up the car with all the glass in place. 


Recommendations after car side window replacement:


The specialists of Autoglassautoshyballc recommend the replacement of the glass (door or cabin) and its seal. It is also recommended to refrain from the following for 48 hours after the completion of the work: driving on the curb, bodywork, lifting the car with a crane, jack or by hand.


You can calculate the cost of the car side window replacement in Brookpark in this window: