About Us

Auto Glass Autoshyba LLC service centers offer high quality and rebiable repairs, while keeping affordability in mind. With trained personnel and extensive experience in the field, we work hard with professional tools and modern technologies to make sure your glass is replaced and looking brand new.

Two Stages of Glass Replacement:

  • Preparatory involves the removal of panels in order to access the windshield, removal of any broken glass in the vehicle and preparing the car for bodywork
  • Installation involves inserting the new glass and reinserting the panels previously removed

During the removal stage we work diligently to make sure the paint job, seals and moldings are kept in tact ensuring that there will be no leaks in the future.

Our specialist use technology and materials solely from the company Sika in Switzerland which allow for optimal replacement times. As a standard, glass replacement alone can take up to three hours, however with the tools and technology from Sika, glass replacement can take a minimum of thirty minutes. Sika allows us to work fast and still be reliable, while keeping the value of customers time in mind.


Before scheduling an appointment with us, please keep in mind our recommendations and warranty:

  1. Full operation of the vehicle after glass installation is possible:
    1. Within 24 hours for car windows that were installed with adhesives (windshields, rear window, and side windows)
    2. Immediately after installation that did not use adhesives (partly side windows and windshields)
  2. When replacing auto glass with adhesives it is recommended to:
    1. Not leave the car on the streets for any accident may cause a shift in the glass
    2. Leave the fixing tape on for 24 hours following the replacement
    3. Avoid automatic car washes for up to 3 days after installation
    4. Leave the car on a level surface for 24 hours after glass installation
    5. Replace with windshield wipers

Mobile Service:

Keeping in mind the convenience of our customers, a mobile team can come to you and replace the glass right where you are at. For our specialist to do a proper replacement of the glass on a mobile order, we ask that there be an indoor space with a temperature above 40 degrees to make installation go smoothly.